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No Better Place to Order from than Heritage Honda

Monday, June 27th, 2016
Why Order a Vehicle from Heritage Honda

Why Order a Vehicle from Heritage Honda?

When you are looking to purchase a new vehicle, a lot of dealerships are going to give you their spiel on why they think they are superior to every other car dealer out there, despite the fact that everyone is selling the exact same vehicles. So why order a vehicle from Heritage Honda when you could just go and get the same vehicle from another Honda dealership? We actually have a few good reasons why you should pick us before the others. (more…)

Let’s Have Some Fun This Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 23rd, 2016
2016 memorial day weekend events in rome ga

2016 Memorial Day Weekend Events in Rome GA

Memorial Day weekend is one of those special times of the year where we can all get out and enjoy the warm weather with our friends and families, while also taking some time to remember those who fought and died to keep our country free. So when you are out enjoying these 2016 Memorial Day weekend events in Rome GA, be sure to take some time to pay your respects to those who helped ensure that we could enjoy this amazing weekend each spring. (more…)

Delivery Fee? What Delivery Fee? How About No Delivery Fee!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016
Heritage Honda Free Vehicle Delivery Fee

Heritage Honda Free Vehicle Delivery Fee

For many people, buying a new car is something that they are doing for the first time. They have looked online at a number of different models and trims and packages and so much information they are just struggling to keep their heads on straight! But, alas, they have finally decided on a vehicle that is right at the price they can afford. Oh but of course there‚Äôs a catch! The dealer then drops the delivery fee on you! Several hundred more dollars just to have the vehicle delivered to your doorstep? We think that is nonsense here, which is why we have the Heritage Honda FREE vehicle delivery fee. (more…)